What Does Verizon Insurance Cover

Is Verizon insurance coverage a good value? To help you determine whether Verizon Device Protection is a good deal for you, we’ve broken down how much it costs, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, and how it compares to other choices.

Verizon Cell Phone Plans & Review 2021

Verizon has the greatest coverage in the country, as well as lightning-fast speeds and a large amount of hotspot bandwidth. The only issue? It’s a little more expensive than the competition, ranging from $5 to $15 more per month than comparable cell phone rates. However, if you want the best, Verizon is the most cost-effective cell phone service.

What does Verizon insurance cover

That’s the long and short of Verizon wireless, but just in case you’re curious, we dug up all the specifics as well.

What is Verizon unlimited plan?

It isn’t the cheapest unlimited plan available, but it is most likely the best.

When comparing the costs of Verizon’s unlimited plans to those of its main competitors (AT&T and T-Mobile), the latter tends to be somewhat more expensive, albeit not always. However, we believe that Verizon’s coverage, speed, and performance—all of which the company praises—make the price reasonable.

Verizon unlimited plans

Let’s compare Verizon’s pricing to those of the other big cellphone providers. Be aware that cost isn’t everything. Of course, we all want to save money on our cellular contracts, but don’t forget that coverage is also important.

Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere while on a road trip, and you can’t get service to contact AAA. So you’ll have no option but to live in the woods. But, seriously, you want the type of coverage Verizon offers.

What does the Verizon unlimited plan cover?

So, what exactly does a Verizon unlimited plan entail?

To cut a long tale short, the service was excellent.

After all, if you have limitless data, you should be able to use it whenever and wherever you choose. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t watch The Great British Baking Show in your tent before retiring for the night.

Plan details Start Unlimited Play More Unlimited Do More Unlimited Get More Unlimited
Data limits NoneNoneNoneNone
5G access where available $10/mo. with 5G capable device Free with 5G capable device Free with 5G capable device Free with 5G capable device
Video streaming quality 480p720p 720p 720p
Mobile hotspot Unlimited data at 600 Kbps speeds Unlimited data with 15 GB of unthrottled hotspot data each month Unlimited data with 15 GB of unthrottled hotspot data each month Unlimited data with 30 GB of unthrottled hotspot data each month
Free Disney+ subscription Yes (for one year) Yes (for one year) Yes (for one year) Yes (for one year)
Free Apple Music subscription Yes (for six months) YesYes (for six months) Yes
Texting and data (in 140+ countries) YesYesYesYes
Unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico YesYesYesYes
Verizon Cloud
NoNo500 Gb 500 Gb

Comparing Verizon’s Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More Unlimited plans

  • With the Start Unlimited plan, Verizon can reduce data speeds at any moment when there’s a lot of traffic, but Play More Unlimited customers get 25 GB of unthrottled data each month, and Do More Unlimited users get 50 GB of unthrottled data per month. Do you require any further information? With a whopping 75 GB of unrestricted data each month, Get More Unlimited has you covered. Good luck putting it all together.
  • Start Unlimited provides 480p streaming quality, while Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Get More Unlimited deliver HD movies and programs.
  • Mobile Start hotspot speeds at 600 Kbps, i.e. you may kiss your video streaming farewell. For streaming, Netflix recommends at least 1.5 Mbps, or if you want SD, 3 Mbps. Play More Unlimited and Do More Mobile Hotspot customers enjoy a speed of 15 GB per month — while Get More Unlimited offers you 30 GB of unrotted speed. Users of the satellite, please!

We think that Play More Unlimited or Get More Unrestricted plans are the true winner if you do not have quick downloads and streaming of HD quality. But if you’re a true data junkie, you might choose T-Magenta Mobile’s plan, which is likewise concerned with pricing. This plan will not start your data speed during congestion periods until you have consumed more than an astounding 50 GB in the month.

What Does Verizon Family plan cover?

It’s still expensive, but the same great coverage is available

Verizon Family plan coverage

Yes, Verizon is more expensive than other phone providers, but there are some decent family options available. As a general rule, operating inside a family plan will almost always save you money per line.

What are your thoughts on data caps?

If you don't require unlimited data, the Verizon Medium or Large Plans, which come with two data options—4 GB or 8 GB—that may be shared by up to ten devices, can be a good choice for your family.

We also want to note out that our Verizon family plan includes a mobile hotspot, but because this isn’t stated on the site, you should verify with your Verizon representative to make sure yours does as well.

Keep an eye out for data overages.

Verizon plans don't restrict your speeds; instead, you'll be charged $15 for every GB you exceed your quota. By texting #DATA or using the MyVerizon app, you can keep track of your data consumption.

Verizon family plans comparison

When compared to other carriers, Verizon’s price is a little higher. The fact is that you can acquire unlimited data family plans with other carriers for approximately the same price as a Verizon family plan with 8 GB of data.

It’ll come down to how important coverage is to you. Verizon is for you if you want the finest coverage money can buy. Other carriers offer cheaper family plans if you reside in the city and aren’t concerned about limited coverage.

What is Verizon Prepaid Plan coverage?

Unfortunately, the traditional cellular loophole of getting a better rate with a prepaid plan doesn’t work with Verizon. Prepaid plans are more expensive than less expensive services. However, Verizon prepaid plans still provide good coverage, so that’s something you have going for you.

Prepaid Verizon plans also lack features such as hotspot tethering. You know how crucial a hotspot is if you’ve ever needed to use your computer while on the road.

Oh, and one thing more — because to data privatization you could notice slower speeds (this is fantastic to say that when the network is crowded you’re behind the scenes).

You may wish to check out Metro by T-Mobile if you are planning to receive a prepayment plan.

Conclusion: Is Verizon a good buy?

Look no further if you’re searching for the TL;DR on how Verizon’s cell phone service compares.

  • Unlimited plans: To prevent any irritating data throttling, we recommend the Get More Unlimited plan.
  • Prepaid plans: When it comes to data limitations, we believe prepaid is the way to go, because line-access costs on the Verizon family plan rapidly mount up to more than the cost of unlimited.
  • Verizon received high marks for its coverage and speed. We’ve reached an understanding.
  • Customer service: While it’s very easy to contact Verizon online, the cellular service provider sector as a whole leaves a lot to be desired in terms of customer service.

Verizon is a fantastic choice if you want the fastest speeds and the greatest coverage. Make every effort to work inside a family plan if you want to obtain the greatest pricing. If you’re a single user, see if you can join a group plan with family and friends.

What are your impressions of Verizon? Are you happy with the coverage you receive? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Verizon cell Phone Warranty & Review 2021

It’s very common to see individuals going about with $1,000 phones these days, but few of them consider what would happen if the phone is lost or stolen, or if the phone is dropped and the costly screen is broken. Fortunately, different telecommunications companies provide mobile phone insurance options that you may investigate. In this study, we’ll look at what you can expect from a Verizon phone warranty plan and see if it’s one of the finest cell phone insurance plans available.

Verizon Phone Warranty Pros & Cons:

Knowing which choices are available within the Verizon phone warranty plans is crucial to know what to expect if your phone is stolen or damaged. This can assist alleviate the financial strain of having to pay for repairs or replacements, as well as provide you with a solid sense of which Verizon insurance plan is appropriate for you.

Verizon Phone Warranty Pros:

  • Affordable
  • There are five different choices available.
  • For $29, you get unlimited screen crack fixes.

Verizon Phone Warranty Cons:

  • Cheaper options available

What does the Verizon cell phone warranty cover?

Deductible & Coverage

The Verizon Extended Warranty coverage will set you back up to $5 per month, which is far less than the Akko Phone Insurance plan. When your phone is lost, stolen, or unintentionally damaged, there is no device replacement, but it is the only plan that allows you to submit as many claims as you want and has no deductible. The wireless device protection plan, which costs $3.10 to $6.85 per month, is the one to choose if you only need coverage for unintentional damage. The entire equipment coverage scheme is provided between $7 and $11 per month and covers malfunctions as well as unintentional damage. With the Total Mobile Protection Plan for $12 to $15 a month, you are enjoying the above, plus access to Verizon Tech Coach. But with Verizon Protect, you’re going to get the above and the Digital Secure & Identity Theft protection is an extra service.

In comparison to the two options offered under the Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan, the three plans that you will get with Verizon provide a bit more flexibility and you definitely want to consider that. In addition, your deductibles under each plan are something that you want to pay special attention to before you select what type of plan you are about to subscribe to or even an insurance company. There will be no deduction for Verizon’s extended warranty coverage, but you will receive the $9 to $249 incidental damage reparation allowance ($29 screen repair) and a Wireless Telephone Protection Plan loss or deduction for robberies ranging from $9 and US$249.

Customer Service

Verizon’s extended warranty coverage is the cheapest plan you can choose. The price of the telephone insurance plan is lower than what you will have to pay for, but it does not provide such high averages in terms of deductibility. The Verizon Extended Warranty does, however, not include the accidental loss theft coverage for most manufacturer faults beyond the basic guarantee. The next item is the Wireless Telephone Protection Plan where accidental damage coverage is given, as well as one accessory each included. This may be the battery, vehicle charger, case, or earbud on your phone. Manufacturer faults following the warranty are not covered and you can make a variety of claims

Backup Services

The only distinctions between the 3 other choices, i.e. complete coverage, Wireless Phone, and Verizon Protection, are the addition of Verizon Tech Coach (a personalized technical support service for Verizon), Wi-Fi security VPN, a secure digital package, and an identity theft package. More on this as the review continues.


We are all dependent on our phones, let’s face it. The typical user spends just over three hours per day on their telephones, according to data conducted by RescueTime (a time monitoring software business). This may be one reason why so many of us are prepared to spend (or invest) large sums in order to acquire excellent quality appliances. The Verizon Insurance plans we have mentioned in this review are excellent to keep you secure from unanticipated situations. There’s surely a plan for you if you can pay almost $1000 for your phone.

Security Features

The Verizon Wireless Insurance Plan provides you with about 5 different levels of coverage. The top three encompass robbery, loss, unintentional damage, and faulty manufacturers. The rest of the two cover all of this, but there are also a few other perks and are, in the long run, a bit more budget-friendly. This is a clearer breakdown of plans, deductibles, and coverage.

Wrapping Up: Verizon Warranty Plan

Mobile insurance is often misunderstood and seen as something that is hard to wrap up, but it is quite simple to make an intelligent choice once you have a clear concept of what it is. The monthly allowance should be sufficiently inexpensive to keep up with so that you truly do not have an excuse not to sign up.

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