By Artist Shaan

Flawed Biopic Currently Streaming on HBO Max


Elvis is streaming now on HBO Max, and with it comes an extravaganza of the King's music as well as the overindulgence of a Baz Luhrmann epic.

I recommend going in with the knowledge that Elvis Presley's whirlwind life was an overwhelming blur and, for better or worse, so is the film.

Elvis is a kaleidoscopic fever dream of Presley's early years, eventual demise.

we watch the King of Rock 'n' Roll's soaring highs, hard hitting lows and undeniably iconic moments in a feast for the senses.

Elvis is a compelling watch, with all the glitz and glamor you'd expect for a Presley biopic, but it skews more toward an ode to Luhrmann's cinematic style than an ode to the King.