By Artist Shaan

Multiverse Saga Declared by Marvel at Comic-Con 2022


Avengers: Endgame marked the conclusion of Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga.

 As of right now, we know that Phase 4 will usher in the Multiverse Saga, which was just unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in 2022.

Fans discovered that the foundation is being set for some multiversal mayhem at the Hall H presentation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Both worlds would perish if one of the parallel Earths wasn't destroyed as the two Earths started to collide.

They would also face several enemies who had their own plans to end the universe, including the heroes of the alternate Earths who only cared about preserving their own world.

As a result of the Incursions' inability to be halted and the Multiverse's impending demise, the Secret Wars event series was the result.

Doom governed Battleworld as the sole remaining component of existence in the entire Marvel timeline after the multiverse was shattered and every parallel dimension vanished into thin air.