By Artist Shaan

Michael Pitt, a star of Boardwalk Empire, was taken to the hospital following an explosion in New York City.


Michael Pete, an actor After a very visible explosion in New York City last Friday, TMZ has learnt that he was taken into police custody and rushed to the hospital.

A video acquired by TMZ shows Pete being dragged down a Bushwick, Brooklyn sidewalk while strapped to a stretcher and surrounded by EMS personnel, most likely to an ambulance that is waiting.

Pete, who is lying quietly on a stretcher, appears to be in a stupor as he first looks up at the sky before turning his head away.

Law enforcement sources inform us that a 911 call was made to report that a man named Pete was hurling objects at people, presumably from a building's top.

Pete was detained after police arrived on the scene promptly, but he was not given a criminal charge since he was deemed to be emotionally disturbed.