By Artist Shaan

Binance CEO Says It Might Take Years For Bitcoin To Reach Another ATH


Binance CEO says bitcoin won't see $69k for least two years 

This crypto winter might last for a couple of years as bitcoin won't see another all-time for some time according to Binance CEO. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Binance's head said Bitcoin could stay below its historical high of $69k for the next two years. 

The head of the world's largest crypto exchange is not worried about Bitcoin's price.

CZ noted that Bitcoin was trading at $3k to 6k in 2018-19, and people would have been very happy if you had told them Bitcoin would be trading at $20k in 2022

When asked about the current price fluctuations, Binance CEO said that Bitcoin's bottom right now is higher than its last peak 

"I think with the industry still definitely growing, fluctuation in price is normal," Binance Chief said.