SBI General Insurance complete review 2021

To make insurance accessible to all individuals and companies, the SBI General Insurance company offers a comprehensive range of general insurance products in the retail and commercial arena at competitive costs. In the retail market, the firm offers Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Travel, and Home Insurance, while in the retail space, it offers Aviation, Fire, Marine, Package, Construction & Engineering, and Liability Insurance.

SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance has a multi-channel distribution approach that includes Financial inclusion, Agency, Broking, and Retail Direct. Insurance’s Distributor family now includes over 21,000 IRDAI certified members, including State Bank Group employees, as well as over 8,000 Agents, making insurance accessible even in the most distant parts of the country.

Insurance is available at over 23000 State Bank Group branches and over 5500 Regional Rural Banks (RRBs). The company’s present geographical reach spans 110+ cities across India, with a satellite presence in another 350+ places. Insurance presently caters to three major client segments: retail (individuals and families), corporate (mid to big businesses), and small and medium businesses (SMEs).


Reasons to choose SBI General Insurance?

SBI General Company offers to assist its clients with all of their needs and to aid them in getting back on their feet. Other than that, there is a slew of additional factors that make this Insurance a popular choice among many.

  1. 6000+ Network Hospitals: SBI General Insurance health insurance, which is part of the SBI Insurance Company, has more than 6, 000 network hospitals across the country. In these facilities, you may receive cashless care for your ailment, disease, or illness. The availability of a large network of hospitals makes it simple to deal with scheduled or emergency hospitalisation.
  2. Fast & Transparent claim settlement: SBI General Insurance Company is one of India’s top insurance carriers due to its rapid and transparent claim settlement process. SBI Insurance claims to have paid out over Rs.110 billion in claims thus far.
  3. Quick Response: The firm responds quickly to a variety of insurance-related questions. Customers are put at rest by the prompt help. Customers may download the insurance policy, verify the policy information, identify the network hospital, and check the progress of the claim through the company’s website’s ‘Quick Assistance’ link.
  4. Availability in 125+ Sites Throughout India: The Company has operations in 125+ locations across India, making it accessible to a wide number of clients.

SBI General Insurance Features:

           SBI Health Insurance 
           SBI Car Insurance 
           SBI 2 Wheeler Insurance 
           SBI Travel Insurance 

SBI General Health Insurance Plans:

The company’s health insurance policies protect you against medical crises and help you maintain financial stability during difficult times. Given the high expense of medical care, purchasing a decent health insurance plan makes sense.

    SBI General Health insurance retail policy :

SBI General Insurance has created this health insurance policy to cover a wide variety of medical treatment expenditures and provide a sense of security in these times of rising healthcare costs. Individual and family floater options are available. The insured benefits from family floaters since they provide complete coverage for all members of one's family under a single policy. This SBI generla insurance coverage is offered in a variety of plans, including metro, semi-metro, and rest of India. The coverage is extensive, ranging from Rs. 50k to Rs. 5 lakh. Medical tests are not required for those under the age of 45 who have no medical history.

    SBI General Critical illness insurance policy:

ABI general insurance's critical illness insurance coverage protects against 13 major critical diseases. Regardless of the actual medical expenditures incurred, the coverage covers a set sum. It aids the insured in being steady. This insurance policy has a limit of Rs 50 lakh and a maximum age of entrance of 65 years

    SBI General Insurance Hospital Daily Cash Insurance policy:

 In the case of illness, disease, or incidental significant injury, SBI General's Daily Cash Insurance Policy provides the insured with a set payout for each day of hospitalisation, regardless of the actual medical costs. It provides extra protection and covers expenditures like as travel, meals, and other items that are not covered by a health insurance policy. SBI General's coverage pays expenditures for ICU hospitalisation and accident hospital confinement up to double the daily benefit. Plans with a maximum of 30 days and 60 days of coverage are available.

    SBI General Insurance Arogya Premier Policy:

SBI General Insurance's Arogya Premier Policy is specifically intended to suit the unique healthcare needs of high-net-worth people (HNIs). The plan offers a broader medical coverage choice and allows HNIs to receive treatment from top medical professionals. The policy provides a wide range of coverage from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh. It includes automatic reinstatement of the sum covered at no further expense to the policyholder. After the first nine months, maternity expenditures are reimbursed. SBI General Insurance also covers alternative medicines like as Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, and Homeopathy under this plan

    SBI General Insurance Arogya Plus Policy:

The Arogya Plus Policy provides a financial safeguard against growing out-of-pocket medical and hospitalisation costs. It helps you to concentrate on your treatment by better managing your medical costs. There are other coverage choices available, including individual and family floaters. Sum insured options range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh. Up to the age of 55, people with no medical history are not required to undertake any pre-policy medical examinations. SBI General Insurance offers a coverage that covers up to 142 childcare treatments.

    SBI General Insurance Arogya Top Up Policy: 

SBI General Insurance is a company that provides general insurance. Arogya Top Up Policy: The Arogya Top Up Policy enables the insured to add more protection at a modest price, allowing them to easily handle growing medical expenditures. It works as an add-on to a standard health insurance policy. The plan covers a wide range of expenses from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh, with deductibles ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. Pre-policy medical exams are not required for anyone under the age of 55 who have no medical history. The Top Up plan, like the Arogya Plus Policy, covers childcare fees for 142 operations. Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy are all encompassed under the AYUSH umbrella.

    SBI General Insurance Laon Insurance Policy:

The Loan Insurance Policy from SBI General Insurance assures that the insured can repay the loan used to develop or acquire a property in the event of sickness. This one-of-a-kind insurance from SBI General Insurance covers severe sickness, personal accident, and loss of work, among other things, to cover the risks that might prevent you from repaying your debt. On a fixed or declining balance basis, the sum insured is accessible. Up to a sum insured of Rs. 1 crore and/or 45 years of age, no medical examination is necessary. The policy covers 13 essential diseases, as well as accidental death or permanent disability and job loss.

SBI General Car Insurance Plans :

SBI General Car Insurance offers comprehensive coverage as well as valuable riders and bonuses. It provides a thorough plan so you don’t have to be concerned about anything. Drive carefully and obey all traffic laws; for anything else, you have vehicle insurance coverage from SBI General Insurance.

     SBI General Insurance Private Car Insurance Policy: 

SBI General Insurance's private car insurance pakage coverage is a vehicle insurance policy that protects you against unforeseeable events such as accidents, theft, and other mishaps. It's intended to cover the mandatory third-party responsibility mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, as well as vehicle loss or damage. Personal accidents are also covered under this SBI General Insurance policy.

     SBI General Insurance Private Car long Term Insurance Policy:
This policy was created by SBI General Insurance to provide solely third-party liability coverage for a period of three years. You may avoid having to renew your licence every year. Changes in third-party liability premiums and GST during the insurance period have no effect on it.

Additional coverage is available under this policy from SBI General Insurance for an additional premium:
 1. For private automobile owners, personal accident coverage can be increased to Rs. 15 lakh.

 2. The tenants' personal accident insurance. For vehicles, the maximum is Rs. 2 lakh per person.

 3. Liabilities stemming from the use of a CNG-LPG bifuel kit by third parties

 4. Additional legal responsibilities for paid drivers, cleaners, and conductors, as well as staff who are not paid drivers.

SBI General Insurance Bike insurance Plan:

The only thing that stands between an injured person and financial ruin is two-wheeler insurance. Although SBI General Insurance’s Motorbike Insurance can not protect your bones in the event of an accident, that piece of paper can save you costly medical bills.

      SBI General Insurance bike insurance policy:

SBI General Insurance is a company that provides general insurance. Two-Wheeler Package Policy offers coverage for two-wheelers from a variety of options. This SBI General Insurance coverage is designed to cover the mandatory third-party liability imposed by the Motor Vehicles Act, as well as vehicle loss or damage. Individualized pricing is offered based on the user's profile. People between the ages of 25 and 55 are eligible for discounts. For insuring the car without a break, the plan gives an extra savings.

      SBI Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Policy: 

SBI General Insurance provides a Long Term Vehicle Insurance Policy that covers third-party liabilities as defined by the Motor Vehicles Act, as well as damage or loss to the covered twowheeler. Coverage for two or three years. Furthermore, there is no need to renew it every year, and you may save money on the cost. This SBI General Insurance policy, like a comprehensive two-wheeler policy, covers third-party liabilities arising out of the insured two-wheeler to a third-party in the event of an accidental death/injury to a person or any damage to third-party property caused by your two-wheeler. It also covers any loss or damage to the insured.

      SBI General Insurance Motor Act Only Long Term Bike Policy:
This insurance was created by SBI General Insurance to provide third-party liability coverage in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, and it has a 5-year term. It is not necessary to renew it every year. During the policy's duration, the premium is unaffected.

SBI General Insurance Home Insurance Plans:

SBI General Insurance provides House Insurance plans to protect your home and provide you with a complete strategy to address all concerns linked to your home so that you can live without fear of tragedy. They also come with earthquake insurance built-in.

     SBI General Insurance Long Term Home Insurance Policy:

The Long Term House Insurance plan from SBI General Insurance helps to protect one's home. The insurance is meant to cover fire and a list of unique dangers that cause loss or damage to a structure used as a residential dwelling. It has seismic protection built in. The suggested plan term is at least three years, since this will provide the most protection for the house against any catastrophes. This SBI General Insurance plan has a maximum term of 30 years. The premium rate is determined by the location and duration of the insurance coverage.
     SBI General Insurance Simple Home insurance policy:

This comprehensive insurance from SBI General Insurance covers the complete home, including its contents, as well as additional risks such as burglary and theft, fire and specific dangers, and the breakdown of electrical and electronic gadgets. It also offers security from jewellery, valuables, and portable equipment. SBI General Insurance offers a plan that may be tailored to your specific needs. The insurance term is offered in two lengths: two and three years, with a tenure discount available. It also provides annual terrorist coverage.

SBI Travel Insurance:

SBI General Insurance provides travel insurance to ensure that you and your loved ones may travel without worry. Even on the best-planned trip, things might go wrong for reasons beyond our control. Travel insurance will ensure that you have a hassle-free and wonderful vacation, whether you lose your luggage or id, or even require medical care.

     SBI General Travel Insurance Policy
The SBI General Insurance Travel Insurance  plan covers the insured and his or her family for foreign travel. During a journey overseas, it offers coverage for medical and other financial problems. The coverage covers the costs of emergency medical treatment for illnesses, diseases, and injuries that occur while travelling abroad and require quick attention. SBI General Insurance's insurance includes comprehensive coverage, as well as medical coverage up to USD 5,00,000. The coverage does not need a medical checkup to be purchased. It provides global security and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SBI General Insurance Personal Accident Plans:

SBI General Insurance’s Personal Accident policies are designed to cover the policyholder from incidents that might result in bodily and financial distress. It assists you with staying prepared for hospitalization costs as well as catastrophes resulting in the policyholder’s death or disability, as well as loss of income.

    SBI General individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

SBI General Insurance's Accident Insurance Insurance coverage is meant to cover the loss of life, income, and disability caused by an accident. The policy is intended for those who are self-employed, salaried, or in the business class. Hospital confinement allowance and ambulance expenses are offered as add-on coverage. The insurance also includes a cumulative bonus. Education benefit and adaption allowance are included in the Permanent Total Disability (PTD) payment at no additional cost.

SBI General Insurance corporate Insurance :

SBI general insurance’s Corporate insurance products assist companies and commercial institutions in protecting themselves against any risk linked with or emanating from their operations.

  Group Personal Accident Insurance :

SBI General Insurance's Group Personal Accident Insurance coverage exclusively covers death as a result of accidents. Any permanent Indian citizen between the ages of 18 and 65 who has a savings bank account/individual current account with State Bank of India or one of its partner banks can purchase the insurance. Individual and Family Group Health Insurance Policy - The Individual and Family Group Health Insurance Policy assists in the coverage of medical treatment costs in the event of illness or accident. It provides a variety of coverage choices, including individual and family floater sum insured options. The amount of coverage varies between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh. SBI General Insurance offers a coverage that is guaranteed to renew.
  Plate Glass Insurance: 
This insurance covers damages resulting from the shattering of plate glass in commercial premises, retail malls, showrooms, hotels, and other similar locations.

  Money Insurance: 
SBI General Insurance's insurance protects business owners against financial hazards, like robbery, loss of transportation or cash, burglary, etc.

  Burglary Insurance: 
This insurance protects a business, including a retail store, against losses resulting from a burglary or forced entrance into its premises.

  Consequential Loss:
This insurance from SBI General Insurance provides the insured to safeguard his business earnings from any potential losses incurred as a result of business interruption due to machinery breakdown. 

  Boiler and pressure plant Insurance:
This coverage covers any losses or damage caused by pressure plants and boilers being damaged. It covers unintentional death or harm to a person, as well as damage to the environment.

  Machinery Breakdown Insurance:
 SBI General Insurance's coverage covers any costs incurred as a result of the failure of machinery or equipment in an industrial or commercial enterprise.

  Contractors Plant and Machinery: 
- This coverage covers any damage or loss to the contractor's plant and machinery on project sites.

  Errection All Risks Insurance:
 SBI General Insurance company policy covers any losses or harm to epidural initiatives during storage, evaluating, or ejaculation.

  Electronic Equipment Insurance: 
This policy provides full protection to civil engineering projects that include more than 50% civil activity. It insures against any loss incurred during storage, construction/erection, or handover of the job.

  Latent Defects Insurance Policy: 
- This SBI General Insurance coverage covers any hazards associated with any electronic equipment in a company facility, such as computers, audio-visual equipment, biometric devices, and so on.

  Business Package Insurance: 
This SBI general insurance coverage protects you from seven different sorts of business hazards. In addition to fire protection, the insured has the option of selecting any combination.

  Industrial All risks insurance: 
This insurance protects a medium or large commercial enterprise's assets from any conceivable risk that might cause the firm to shut down and cause financial hardship.

  Marine Cargo Insurance: 
SBI General Insurance's Marine insurance coverage covers the goods against damage or loss while in transit by ocean, aircraft, highway, rail, or courier.

  Tractor and other Farm vehicles Insurance:
 This policy provides coverage for agricultural vehicles that may be damaged in an accident. It also provides personal accident coverage for the driver of the car. 

  Commercial Motor Insurance: 
SBI General Insurance's coverage protects a business vehicle against third-party liability as well as any damage to the insured vehicle.

  Consequential Fire loss Insurance: 
This insurance helps company owners to safeguard their earnings from any potential losses that may arise as a result of a fire interrupting business activities.

  Standard Fire and perils Insurance: 
SBI General Insurance's coverage covers any damages to your business's assets caused by fire and specific hazards, and compensates at market value.

SBI General Insurance Rural Insurance:

Farming, merchants, employees, and other rural business owners can protect their livelihoods with SBI General Insurance’s Rural Insurance portfolio.

  • Cattle Insurance Policy
  • Micro Insurance Policy
  • Agriculture Pumpset Insurance Policy
  • Sheep and Goat Insurance Policy

SBI General Insurance Online payment:

You may pay premiums for a variety of products using SBI General Insurance’s online payment system. You can pay using a debit card, credit card, or net banking when making an online payment. It is recommended that you compare all SBI General Insurance plans with those offered by other general insurance firms in India to find the best insurance plan for you.

SBI General Insurance Claim Process:

The specialized SBI General Insurance company staff aims to provide you with efficient, rapid, transparent, and convenient fair customer service to settle your claims and manage them.

The concept of SBI General Insurance is to seek out solutions for paying genuine claims in a timely and equitable manner. The company’s claim service will:

  • Provide respite from claim burden through coordination with asset replacement and repair.
  • Provides emergency support.
  • You will be kept updated of your claim progress.

Claim Settlement Process:

  • Get a supporting document or reference number by any of the above.
  • You receive the information on papers required for the initiation and processing of your request from the customer service agent.
  • Within 24 hours after registering, the claim manager or claim management will contact you.
  • According to IRDAI insurer interest regular 2017, SBI General Insurance Company begins the claim procedure, and all acceptable claims will be satisfied within thirty days of obtaining the final survey report or/and the last essential and relevant document, as the case may be.

SBI General Insurance Customer Care Number:

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SBI General Insurance Policy Download:

By selecting the Download button below, you can get all of the policy information and statistics.

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